Diasporas in the New Media Age
Identity, Politics, and Community

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Editor: Andoni Alonso
Editor: Pedro Oiarzabal

Format: Paper
Pages: 288
ISBN: 9780874178159
Published Date: 2010

The explosion of digital information and communication technologies has influenced almost every aspect of contemporary life. Diasporas in the New Media Age is the first book-length examination of the social use of these technologies by emigrants and diasporas around the world. The eighteen original essays in the book explore the personal, familial, and social impact of modern communication technology on populations of European, Asian, African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, and Latin American emigrants. It also looks at the role and transformation of such concepts as identity, nation, culture, and community in the era of information technology and economic globalization. The contributors, who represent a number of disciplines and national origins, also take a range of approaches—empirical, theoretical, and rhetorical—and combine case studies with thoughtful analysis. Diasporas in the New Media Age is both a discussion of the use of communication technologies by various emigrant groups and an engaging account of the immigrant experience in the contemporary world. It offers important insights into the ways that dispersed populations are using digital media to maintain ties with their families and homeland, and to create new communities that preserve their culture and reinforce their sense of identity. In addition, the book is a significant contribution to our understanding of the impact of technology on society in general.

Author Bio
Andoni Alonso received his Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of the Basque Country. He has been a visiting scholar at Penn State and at the Center for Basque Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno. He is associate professor of philosophy at the University of Extremadura, Spain. He is the author of many articles and books about Basque culture in the digital age.
Pedro J. Oiarzabal is a research scholar at the University of Deusto (Bilbao). He is the author of numerous articles as well as books on migration and identity, including Gardeners of Identity: Basques in the San Francisco Bay Area.

“This is really an exciting book. The more I read it, the more enthusiastic I became. This is a genuinely original and challenging work of interdisciplinary scholarship and constitutes an important contribution to a number of fields.” — Carl Mitcham, author of Thinking Through Technology: The Path Between Engineering and Philosophy