At Midnight

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Author: Javier Arzuaga
Author: Cameron Watson

Format: Paper
Pages: 258
ISBN: 9781935709923
Published Date: 2018

Javier Arzuaga was a young Basque priest whose parish included La CabaƱa, the fortress where the accomplices of the disposed dictator who had not fled after the Cuban Revolution were held. It was his fate to be at the executions carried out between February and May of 1959. And he did not witness them as a bystander, but as the consoler of and attendant to the condemned. "It is not easy to talk to a man with a death sentence," Javier said-and he had to speak with fifty-five.

Author Bio
Javier Arzuaga was a Basque priest that served in La Cabana after the Cuban Revolution, consoling those imprisoned before their execution.

“In this age of almost daily atrocity, it is easy to become inured to arbitrary death. Reading At Midnight is a profound antidote to such complacency. Thanks to Arzuaga, I will go to my own grave much more keenly aware of the value, yet vulnerability, of every human life.”
William A. Douglass, author of Australianuak