Frontier Fake News
Nevada's Sagebrush Humorists and Hoaxsters

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Author: Richard Moreno

Format: Paper
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9781647790868
Published Date: 2023

When Fake News Was Really Fake: Nevada’s Sagebrush School Humorists & Prevaricators explores some of the earliest perpetrators of Fake News. Legendary Nevada writers like Mark Twain, Dan De Quille, Sam Davis, and others were renowned for their clever and mischievous hoaxes, satires, puns, and other witticisms designed to entertain their readers while often making a political statement.

Author Bio
Richard Moreno is the author of fourteen books, including A Short History of Reno, A Short History of Carson City and The Roadside History of Nevada. He is the former publisher of Nevada Magazine and has written a weekly history/travel column for more than three decades which appears in the Lahotan Valley News and the Nevada Appeal. Moreno taught journalism courses as Western Illinois Univerity and the University of Nevada, Reno. He is the creator of the Nevada Commission of Tourism’s “Highway 50: The Loneliest Road in Amierca” promotion. In 2007, Moreno was awarded the Nevada Writer’s Hall of Fame Silver Pen Award.