Sagebrush , 6th Ed.
Nevada's History, Government, and Politics

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Author: Michael W. Bowers

Format: Paper
Pages: 336
ISBN: 9781647790264
Published Date: 2021

Nevada’s politics are in large measure the result of its turbulent history and harsh environment. Michael W. Bowers’s concise volume explains the dynamics of the political formation process, which is strikingly unique among the fifty states. Even today, Nevada is unlike the other states in its politics and culture: economically right, yet libertarian and home to widespread gaming and a 24/7 lifestyle. It has a high percentage of federally owned lands and one of the highest rates of urbanism in the United States, yet is often dominated by rural legislators. The sixth edition is updated through 2020 and includes the full text of the state constitution with extensive annotations of all amendments to the original 1864 document.

Author Bio
Michael W. Bowers is professor of political science and public law, and former Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Executive Vice President and Provost, at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He is the author of The Nevada Constitution: A Reference Guide and numerous academic articles on politics and law

"This is a volume that would be a worthwhile addition to the bookshelf of anyone looking for a reliable reference work on Nevada government and politics."
Western Historical Quarterly

"This concise work explains how Nevada government actually works and how the area's history has shaped its political culture."
Journal of the West

"Required reading for graduation from Nevada's colleges and universities, this volume is an essential primer for anyone involved in or affected by the state's government or political parties."
Outrider Books & Travel