Helmi's Shadow
A Journey of Survival From Russia to East Asia to the American West

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Author: David Horgan

Format: Paper
Pages: 272
ISBN: 9781647790202
Published Date: 2021

Helmi’s Shadow is an intimate true story of a stateless Russian-Jewish mother and daughter, the author’s grandmother and mother who, with determination and good luck, managed to survive decades of hardship in the hidden corners of war-torn Asia, finally landing after the Second World War in the unlikely safe harbor of Reno, Nevada, to become bonafide citizens for the first time. The book is also a loving memoir of growing up under the wings of these remarkable women in a unique American family, told through the author’s eyes as both a child and young adult.

Author Bio
David Horgan is a writer and professional musician, born in 1951 and raised in Reno, Nevada. He

"Helmi's Shadow accomplishes that near-miracle of the best literature: It makes the world new. David Horgan has excavated the story of an amazing woman, his late mother, with such rigor and insight that her personal journey becomes a way for the reader to re-see 20th-century global convulsions, and experience them in an intimate and sensory way. This beautifully written, riveting account is a treasure and an illumination."
Dierdre McNamer, author of Red Rover

“This is a story that might have been lost about a woman who might have been lost. It is the double account of a life lived through statelessness and war and of the detective work it took to retrieve that life. David Horgan skillfully weaves together a family saga that runs from the Pale of Settlement to Reno, Nevada, and an account of his own journey back from Reno to Russia, Shanghai, and Kobe, Japan. The elements of his story are at once the episodes that make up his mother’s life and a mini-history of the 20th century. Unraveling one life, Helmi’s Shadow finds a thread that takes it across half the globe.”
Michael North, professor of English, UCLA,  author of Reading 1922 and Camera Works
"Helmi’s Shadow is a vivid family narrative that illuminates large historical issues, beginning with pogroms in Tsarist Russia, continuing with a series of exile experiences in China and Japan, and culminating in the simultaneously upraising and uprooting experience of immigrant life in post-World War II America. David Horgan has written a mighty book on a mighty theme."
Richard Drake, Lucile Speer Research Chair in politics and history, University of Montana

"The story is gripping, and Horgan is an outstanding writer. Given that so much of the literature on Jews in Shanghai is devoted to the refugee community that arrived between 1937 to 1941, the history of the Russian Jews is still, for the large part, overlooked and unknown. Moreover, the depiction of the lives of two Russian Jews living in Kobe, Japan during the Second World War adds to our knowledge of Jews in Asia. I would recommend this book in a heartbeat."
Kevin Ostoyich, professor of history, Valparaiso University