Greening The Lyre
Environmental Poetics And Ethics

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Author: David W. Gilcrest

Format: Paper
Pages: 184
ISBN: 9780874179835
Published Date: 2015

This work covers important and neglected ground—environmental language theory. Gilcrest poses two overarching questions: To what extent does contemporary nature poetry represent a recapitulation of familiar poetics? And, to what extent does contemporary nature poetry engage a poetics that stakes out new territory? He addresses these questions with important thinkers, especially Kenneth Burke, and considers such poets as Frost, Kunitz, Heaney, Ammons, Cardenal, and Rich.

Author Bio

David W. Gilcrest is assistant professor of English at Carroll College in Southeastern Wisconsin where he teaches rhetoric, Romanticism, and environmental studies.


“The greatest service of this book is that it goes beyond merely classifying the poetic approaches of normative ecology. By adamantly privileging one poetic strategy over others, Greening the Lyre is certain to spark a useful and lively debate among scholars.” -- Laird Christensen, ISLE, Winter 2003