Identity, Culture, And Politics In The Basque Diaspora

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Author: Gloria Pilar Totoricag├╝ena

Format: Paper
Pages: 296
ISBN: 9780874179767
Published Date: 2015

Gloria P. Totoricagüena presents a thorough comparative examination of the remarkable endurance of Basque identity and culture in six countries of the far-flung Basque diaspora. Using the results of interviews and extensive anonymous surveys with more than eight hundred informants in the diaspora, plus extensive research in archives and printed sources in all six of her study countries, Totoricagüena reveals for the first time the complex and interrelated universe of these dispersed Basques. She explores the elements of their migration patterns and the institutions that have encouraged identity maintenance, the impacts on established communities of each new wave of immigrants, and the nature of economic and political ties with the homeland.

Totoricagüena offers a superb quantitative study of an aspect of Basque culture that has been largely ignored by scholars—the diaspora. In doing so, she enlarges the understanding of cultural identity in general—how it is defined and preserved, how it evolves over time, and how both the politics of distant places and the most intimate family habits can shape an individual’s sense of self. Identity, Culture, and Politics in the Basque Diaspora is a major contribution to the knowledge of Basques and their persistent political and cultural traditions.

Author Bio
Gloria P. Totoricagüena is an academic and public policy and political consultant based in Boise, Idaho. Her teaching, mentoring, and research include two decades with university careers at Stanford University; the University of Nevada, Reno; and Boise State University, specializing in Basque studies.

“Totoricaguena conducted a remarkable number of personal interviews to gain an understanding of how and why Basques in the diaspora have maintained their ethnic identity of several generations, as well as how the Basque Government’s interest in the diaspora component has contributed to that maintenance. This work makes a major contribution to our knowledge of the Basques and their cultural traditions.” —Center for Basque Studies Newsletter

“Gloria Totoricaguena has successfully established herself as the authority in the field of Basque diaspora studies.” —Journal of Contemporary European Studies