Garden of the World

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Author: Lawrence Coates

Format: Paper
Pages: 216
ISBN: 9780874178708
Published Date: 2012

California’s Santa Clara Valley was once home to a vigorous wine industry. The Garden of the World is the tale of a pioneer winemaking family headed by Paul Tourneau, a fiercely ambitious vintner determined to make the finest wines in California. His plans are disrupted by a phylloxera epidemic at the beginning of the twentieth century, the trials of national Prohibition, and the bitter alienation of his older son. Played out against the vividly depicted seasonal rhythms of vineyard life, this is a moving saga of betrayal, loss, and the harsh consequences of unbreakable ambition.

Author Bio

Lawrence Coates is an associate professor of creative writing at Bowling Green State University. He has published numerous short stories and two other novels, The Blossom Festival and The Master of Monterey, both with the University of Nevada Press.


“This is both a literary work and a good read, by a writer who knows how to turn a provocative phrase and weave a spellbinding plot.”—Wineworld’s Magazine, March 2012
Wineworld’s Magazine

“The close-up scenes are a marvel. . . The writing never gets carried away with itself—it remains restrained, with a unified voice. The fact that it’s fiction, that these individuals are created in Coates’s imagination and then situated so convincingly in a time and place far from here, makes this a book writers will love, but non-writers will appreciate it, as well.”—In This Light
In This Light

"The spirit of California looms large in The Garden of the World. Lawrence Coates's intimate knowledge of the state's history and environs brings life to a myriad of characters in search of the quintessential California dream." Western American Literature, Fall 2013
Western American Literature