Liberty Lanes

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Author: Robin Troy

Format: Paper
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9780874178579
Published Date: 2011

Liberty Lanes is a bowling alley in a small Montana town where a senior bowling league meets three times a week. Nelson Moore, one of the bowlers, has recently become a local hero by saving a teammate from choking on a happy hour chicken bone. Now he must deal with his newfound fame while coping with the early stages of dementia.

This is an engaging and often moving novel about a group of senior citizens bound together by old friendships and romances, and by their determination to live life to its fullest. Senescence is not for sissies, but these characters show us that it is still a time to love, dream, and explore their own potential.

Author Bio

Robin Troy is associate professor of English and director of the MFA Program in Creative Writing at Southern Connecticut State University. She has an MFA from the University of Montana and is the author of another novel, Floating.


"I found this novel moving and original, filled with characters I cared about deeply. I also admired the author's treatment of small-town life. Southwest Montana comes alive on the page, filled with quirky shops and regional vacation destinations and a local newspaper that takes itself far too seriously. But Troy doesn't treat this subject matter as either precious or sentimental. It's just a place to live, and the characters who have lived here for many years know how it works." -- Pamela Johnston, author of Little Lost River

"Liberty Lanes is a wonderfully calm and large-hearted examination of the ways that ordinary people meet the demands of age and infirmity with surpassing grace. Eloquent and insightful and true." -- Deirdre McNamer, author of Red Rover

"The quality of Robin Troy's writing is very strong--direct, unpretentious, and insightful. I read the book with delight." -- Mary Clearman Blew, author of Jackalope Dreams

"Liberty Lanes is a transcendent story about the power of love and friendship. You're never too old to discover the wonders of love. A tender and moving tale, a joy to read." -- Debra Magpie Earling, author of Perma Red

"In this celebration of the dignity of everyman and everywoman, Troy grants her characters the gift of recognition and imbues them with an admirable, quiet heroism." -- High Country News

"Robin Troy's Liberty Lanes is a novel about old people. That in and of itself is significant. However, it is also a curious, charming, and insightful look at the sunset years and is noteworthy for more than its characters' ages." -- Western American Literature