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Author: Miles Wilson

Format: Paper
Pages: 104
ISBN: 9780874175370
Published Date: 2003

“Memory’s deposit is my only asset now,” says the narrator of Miles Wilson’s wrenching poetry collection. These are fiercely honest poems about how a man’s life can meander through pain and indiscretion, anger and bitterness; how it can express itself in rage and pungent wit and find a kind of healing in the natural world of mountains and trout streams. Wilson’s meditations range from the perils of a firefighter’s life in the forests of the West to the domestic agonies of a marriage gone wrong, to the resonances between wild nature and the flawed human spirit, and to the wisdom found in the restorative powers of ravaged forests. His language is powerful, his images rich and varied, and the layered connections between personal experience and moral complexity completely engaging.

Author Bio
Miles Wilson is professor of English at Southwest Texas State University where he was founding director of the MFA program. His poetry has appeared widely in such literary magazines as The Georgia ReviewPoetryThe North American ReviewPoetry Northwest, and The Sewanee Review, and his collection of short fiction, Line of Fall, received the John Simmons Fiction Award. Harm was a poetry finalist for the Spur Award.

“The language here is so muscular, the metaphors so sharply and freshly drawn, the insights so unsentimental, that I was won over to the breadth and depth of the work, the new facets of masculinity revealed by a writer who insists on telling the blunt and rocky truth about what it has meant to him to be a man.” -Alison Hawthorne Deming, author of Writing the Sacred into the Real

“In his highly re-readable compressions of a difficult lifetime, Wilson’s depth and craft give lessons in the force of few words, the unsaid as a presence.” -Reg Saner, author of Climbing into the Roots

“This is some of the most powerful contemporary American poetry I’'ve read.” -Gregory L. Candela,Southwest BookViews

Winner of the 2003 Western Heritage Award for Outstanding Poetry Book.

Harm was a finalist for the Texas Institute of Letters book award for poetry, and won the Violet Crown Book Award from The Writers' League of Texas/Barnes & Noble.