Measurable World

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Author: Katharine Coles

Format: Cloth
Pages: 320
ISBN: 9780874172737
Published Date: 1995

This erotic urban mystery is set in Salt Lake City, Utah. Grace Stern, a botanist, is married to but separated from Pascal, a heart surgeon and soon-to-be murder victim. The murder touches off a series of events that threaten to overwhelm Grace as she struggles to make sense of her life. A cast of interesting characters and a provocative writing style make this first novel by Coles a compelling read.

Author Bio
The author of several books of poetry and fiction, Katherine Coles is associate professor of English and director of creative writing at the University of Utah.

The Measurable World is filled with contradictions: a mystery story in which the mystery is secondary; a metaphor-rich story that’s highly readable; a violence-packed story in which most of the violence is non-graphic. Those contradictions fill it with the unexpected, and that’s what makes it work.” —Martin Naparsteck, Private Eye Weekly, 14 December 1995

"In this engaging first novel Coles draws us into a world as indifferent and real as this morning’s breakfast, as violent and abrupt as this morning’s newspaper, and as incoherent but hopeful as this morning’s letter to the editor.” —Patricia Truxler Coleman, Weber Studies, Winter 1996