Pinon Pine
A Natural And Cultural History

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Author: Ronald M. Lanner

Format: Paper
Pages: 224
ISBN: 9780874170665
Published Date: 1981

An engaging look at the history of the piñon pine and its ecosystem. Combining natural history and observations of the cultural importance of the tree to both native Indians and European settlers, Lanner provides information on the management of the tree and its interdependence with the birds and animals of the piñon-juniper woodland. Science, cultural history, and ecologicall issues, plus delicious recipes using the piñon pine nuts, make for a concise natural and cultural history of the piñon pine.

Author Bio

Ronald M. Lanner, Professor Emeritus at Utah State University, retired to California after 28 years of teaching forest biology courses. His major research interests, which he has pursued worldwide, have included natural hybridization in pines, effects of aging on trees, bud development in pines, and the ecological and evolutionary effects of mutualisms of birds and pines.


"A well-written and often witty survey of the natural history of (piñon) pines, spiced with observations on their importance to the native Indians and subsequent European settlers. . . . The engaging text and copious pictures make it difficult to put the book down, and the appendix of recipes for pine-nut dishes is an added bonus." —Library Journal